Friday, 22 May 2009

Back Home

Woke this morning and put the kettle on to find I had run out of gas. This was actually quite convenient as I have no virtually no food in the fridge and it was in need of defrosting. As it was about 6.30 I thought that changing gas bottles would be a bit antisocial, so I got my backup stove out. Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I flicked trough the copy of “Canal Boat”, that I got at the The Boat Shop before leaving Braunston, only to find the warning about the portable stove that I was using from the BSS office. It seems to me that the problems that have occurred are due to people not reading the instructions.

So, having survived making coffee, it was walk time. It was soon apparent to me that the pound below the top locks was very low, and according to one of the resident boaters was because someone had left a paddle up the night before and it would cause problems for anyone trying to navigate.


When I got back up to the top locks a hire boat was about to go down, so I advised them to run a bit of water down. By the time I had got my act together to leave, the Mikron Theatre, who had done a show the evening before, had come up on Tyseley and had run a lot more water down so the pound was back to a reasonable level. A good run down the locks followed by pleasant cruising in lovely weather soon found us back at Brinklow Marina.

Lyra enjoyed her first trip on the boat, though I don’t think she’s ready for long flights of locks yet, but is happy to be home. She had a good play this afternoon with Simba and some of her other friends.


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