Monday, 11 May 2009

The Boat

Well I’ve had my mention on Granny Buttons so I guess I had better get on with writing some more stuff. Thanks Andrew.

The boat isn’t anything particularly special, being a 52’ Mike Heywood Trad from 1988, but it was the first boat of the many I looked at which prompted the reaction “I could live with this”. It has some nice features like the stable front doors, but also some things that I will get round to changing one day, including the name. Getting round to doing the jobs is always a problem for me but at present the priority must be the paintwork. Judging by the way that it is peeling I am drawn towards having the boat shot blasted and starting again from bare metal. I also want to get her out of the water again soon for blacking which will be a good time to change the name.

PICT0219The picture of the boat is from February 2007, with it not looking quite as scruffy as it really is, coming back up the Claydon flight after having spent a few days iced in just below this lock.


I did actually get near to the canal today as I thought I should see what Lyra thought of tunnels and was in Newbold anyway. She didn’t seem concerned at all. I think that her first trip out on the boat will be in that direction, as we need to get her some more food and the nearest supplier is Clifton Cruisers.

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