Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Closer to cruising

Well today I finally got round to introducing Lyra to the concept of there being a noisy diesel engine in her new home. She was a little surprised when I started it, and didn’t want to be in the engine room whilst it was running but would come to the door if I was there. She also happily settled on the back deck close to the source of all that noise.


I was a bit concerned how she would react but feel that it was a successful introduction. She also tried her life jacket on for size, and seemed comfortable in it.

13052009239 So now all I really need is for the weather to improve a little and we can try going somewhere. I’m not too worried about cold and rain but the wind does make manoeuvring around the marina quite “interesting”


dcmills said...

Hi Andy, trying the comments again - Derek nb Clarence

Bobby said...

Hi Lyra, my name is Bobby, I'm a Scottish Terrier, and like you I am a K9 Sailor! I love my life afloat as I am sure you will. I see you like the wet stuff, I'm not too keen on swimming, Mum says its cos I have little legs! Anyway be good for your Master, he sounds very kind. Hopefully we will meet on the cut one day cos I think your cute! Bobby x Nb Tickety Boo.

Andy said...

Good to see you earlier Derek, and thanks for trying again. No idea why your earlier comment didn't appear, I'm sure it wasn't me.

Andy said...

Hi Bobby, I've found your blog and will keep an eye on your travels. I hope we do meet up sometime because I love making new friends, and I'll try not to be too bouncy. My person says it will be a while before we get to the northern canals as there is still a lot of the easy midlands to explore. See you, Lyra

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