Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Food, more food, new friends and rain

A pretty disjointed day today as there were a number of things to do on the way through Rugby. After the obligatory walk and breakfast for Lyra, and a few cups of coffee for me we managed to get away by 9am. About 20 minutes later we were mooring for the first stop at Brownsover. I needed some stuff for when I get round to doing the oil change that is due on the boat, so left Lyra whilst I did this shopping. Nothing was destroyed whilst I was away which was an improvement over the night before when I forgot to hide the boat keys from her and so woke to a pile of flakes of cork ball.. Then it was shopping for her so we took the long way round, via bridge 59. A few tins of food and some storage bins for her proper dry food are now on the boat.

The next short hop was to Clifton Cruisers as they stock the Arden Grange food that Lyra is used to. I think she’ll stay on it as, if only for the advantage of being able to go boating for essential supplies. By the time I had come alongside, Ben was there to see who was visiting his boatyard. Once I had got the food, Lyra got the chance for a good talk with both Ben and Heidi. When it was time to leave, having pushed the bows into the channel, got onto the boat and put it in gear, I realised that there were more paws on the stern than usual, Heidi’s front paws having joined us so she had to be returned to shore.

Another short hop found us at the bottom of Hillmorton, mooring again as it was by then time for Lyra’s lunch. During the next walk, up the flight, it absolutely chucked it down with rain so we both ended up soaked. Lyra also managed to coat one of her ears in grease from the paddle gear on one of the locks. Further heavy showers, with added thunder and lightning, meant that i gave up the idea of any further boating. It has turned into a lovely evening now.

The forecast for tomorrow looks much better so hopefully a decent days boating will be possible. Still haven't decided where to head towards, that will be a decision for the morning.

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