Thursday, 21 May 2009

I feel slightly cheated

Heading back down the Oxford today the boat felt sluggish and unresponsive (or should that be more sluggish and unresponsive than usual?) and I was convinced that there must have been a nice collection of rubbish on the prop. So and early lunch was declared at Willoughby, and then I headed into the murky depths. Access to my weed hatch isn’t too easy as my boat doesn’t have one of those nice hinged decks that many seem to, so I have to lie down and fight with the weed hatch. For some reason the boat doesn’t seem to suffer too much from prop fouling so it is not too frequent that I have to fight my way in.

The water was too murky to see what was there so I had to feel my way down. And what was there? Absolutely nothing, not a single plastic bag or length of rope, just a shiny prop.

Other than that it was a fairly uneventful day, but the highlight must have been meeting Panther at the moorings on Barby Straight. I love seeing old working boats out and about, and even with my limited knowledge I can recognise Panther with her distinctive bow.

Finished up above Hillmorton locks this evening, it was another late start as I had a none too successful shopping trip before leaving. More on what I did manage to get sometime in the future, once I know whether it does solve an ongoing problem. As I couldn't get some things that I wanted, I might now end up heading for the Crick Show sometime over the weekend.

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