Monday, 18 May 2009

Lyra goes boating

The wind dropped a bit this afternoon, just enough for me to take the opportunity to get across the marina for a pump out. There was only 1 rule that I set myself when I moved onto the boat - That I wouldn’t just empty the holding tank and then return to my mooring. For various reasons I haven’t always managed to keep to this rule, but it did mean that I went boating every month last year.

It was hardly an epic journey today, only getting as far as Newbold, but the late start and wanting a gentle introduction for Lyra made for a short trip. She seemed quite content on the back of the boat and pretty soon was looking to see what was coming up.18052009247 No attempts were made to jump ship at bridge holes, and she also stayed put when she saw other dogs on moored boats and the towpath. The increase in noise when in the tunnel also didn’t worry her.

We are moored on the 48 hour moorings just south of the tunnel which means that we’re a fair distance from the towpath. Lyra found jumping from the boat to the towpath easy, but was less keen on the jump back onto the boat. The jump was, however, preferable to the plank which she refused to go near. That’s something that we will have to work on.

The presence of ducks on the towpath was a good test of whether she would remember that she isn’t allowed off the boat unless she has her lead on and is invited off. She was very interested but behaved impeccably.

18052009256 I’m not sure what we will end up doing tomorrow. I have some shopping to do and then we will head to Hillmorton, but I’m not sure if introducing her to locks is a good idea yet. She would probably need to wait in the boat and she still seems a bit wary of the engine. So we might just wind there and head back towards the Coventry.

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