Friday, 1 May 2009


I don’t know much about Lyra’s early life, she was born in Northern Ireland and I do have a date of birth last August but I’m not sure if this is accurate or an “official” birthday. In January she had vaccinations at a vet and then spent some time in Kennels in NI. Having failed to find a home she then made her way across the water to the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth, arriving on 26th February, which is coincidentally 6 months from the DOB on her papers. She was rehomed once but that didn’t work out for her.

So then I turned up at DTK, unsure what I was looking for. There, in one of the kennels was a little GSD who so wanted to be outside exploring and playing but I made myself look round all the residents but couldn’t find anyone who appealed more than the little GSD. Her details said she was good with other dogs and people, important for a boat dog as she will have to share her garden with others.

I decided to meet her and that was it, I wanted this little dog to come and share my life. I would have brought her home with me but there are procedures to follow. I spent the next few days making sure that everything would be OK for the home check, which went fine.

So last Friday she came home. She was unfazed by the pontoon but wasn’t immediately sure about jumping into the well deck, but by the end of the day she was fine with that. A quick explore of her new home (it doesn’t take long to explore a 52’ boat) and she settled down as if she’d always been here.24042009147

She’s been here a week now and has really settled in well, she loves the field here at Brinklow and has made friends with lots of the other dogs that keep their boats here. She’s generally very obedient but does get distracted by all the exciting things that are going on around her. She usually still has her lead on when out in the field, but just dragging behind her and I think that we should look into going to classes, if only to retrain me as I do find myself expecting her to react to things like Katy used to.

There has been a little unauthorised chewing but I expected that, nothing of any great importance has suffered.

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