Saturday, 30 May 2009

Success and a vandal

There hasn’t really been much to report recently as we’re not out cruising.

I have however, finally, managed to sort out a collection of bits of plumbing that manages to drain the bath fairly reliably. This has been a bit of an ongoing problem since I got the boat with the original drain pump proving to be incapable of coping with copious quantities of GSD fur which is a feature of my boat. I’ve tried various other pumps and filters but up until now haven’t had something that reliably empties the bath in a reasonable time. The best of the attempts was an old water supply pump but it finally reached the end of it’s life. When in Braunston last week I decided to try an Impeller type pump with an automatic switch to avoid my leaving it running. So far this seems to be working ok and doesn’t seem to be clogging with fur. A whale Gulper would probably be the best solution, but that would need 3/4” pipework but the boat only has 1/2” up to the skin fitting and to change this would mean removing a panel, which would lead inexorably to my ending up completely refitting the bathroom which, whilst necessary, isn’t something that I want to get involved with just yet. Of course I could well be writing about how much of a failure this has been in a few days, and wielding a crowbar in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Lyra has entered a chewing phase. When she arrived there was some minor chewing but she seemed to have learnt the difference between toys  and my stuff. That is apart from her attack on my teddy bear which I have had all my life, but that was my fault for leaving an excited little dog alone whilst I said goodbye to my, and her, friends who had visited us. Bear is now safely in a cupboard awaiting major surgery, just need to find somewhere that restores bears.

03052009196She did seem to have given up chewing my stuff partly as I removed most things from her reach. A few days ago I made the mistake of not hiding my boots from her before falling asleep in front of the TV and woke up to the sound of chewing and a boot with much of it’s sole missing. The last couple of mornings she has been doing battle with her nemesis the vacuum cleaner and has chewed a wheel of one of it’s attachments and the plug off the power cord. Her latest victim was the charger for my cordless drill. I’ve had to tell her off for this, much as I hate doing so, so hopefully this phase will pass soon and she will stick to chewing her toys again.

Nothing I have is really that important and the pleasure that having her around more than makes up for any naughtiness that occurs.

Half term is over now, so it may be safe to go boating again next week, if the weather holds it will be nice out there.

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