Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Uphill into a new county

Well, a new county for Lyra as we have ended up in Braunston this evening. A late start due to indecision on my part, but I eventually decided to see how she would react to locks. The plan was to lift her onto the roof and then ashore once we were in the locks, which worked quite well, but she wasn’t keen on getting back onto the boat before leaving the locks. As we entered the last lock she chose to go inside and sit in the engine room so travelled up indoors. If she’s happier doing it like that it’ll be fine with me. We had a quick stop at the moorings above the locks so she could have another walk, she enjoys walks so much it might help that she understands that even locks mean that she will get one.

So we headed onwards, and onto my current least favourite stretch of canal, Barby Straight. It just seems to go on forever and is mainly in a cutting so there aren't even nice views, and for much of it the drone of the motorway is present. Whilst the shortenings were of benefit to the profitability of the Oxford and therefore keeping it in existence for us, the original route would be more interesting.

A stop at the moorings just past bridge 80, which were surprisingly empty, for lunch and and early stop at Braunston completed the days travels. The early stop meant that I got round to changing the oil which always seems to take an age, plus removing the horrible mixture of oil water (mainly condensation) and general rubbish from the engine bilge.

Tomorrow we will turn round and start heading back to Brinklow, partly as I don't want to do any more locks than necessary, but also to get off the canal before the school half term. I can cruise pretty much whenever I want so try to avoid school holidays, there’s no need for me to add to the congestion that occurs.

I haven't got a very good signal tonight so no pictures.


Debbie said...

Hi Andy, I replied to your comment on my blog, but have left a comment here too. I think the Gremlins have been in! Things have been going weird for a few days. I wouldn't have a clue how to sort it out. I am new to all this and don't understand half the jargon! Hopefully it will be ok now. Great to see the Pics of Lyra settleing in, she's a lovely looking Dog. Take care Debbie.

Steve Edwards said...

Hi Andy - got your comment on heavy oil! My only prblem is that I have saddle tanks and the central heating rus from the same tanks - so I would need a little more than just the filters and injector changes. It's still an option to me, especially as there seems to be enough oil to go around!!
Great blog - glad you've got out and Lyra loves the waterways...
See you soon

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