Thursday, 18 June 2009

Boating again

I wanted to get out boating again yesterday but the weather was foul, a pretty strong wind that was joined later in the day by showers, so decided to put it off. This morning it was far more pleasant so headed out of the marina and towards Sutton Stop again. There was a regular stream of oncoming boats but most appeared at convenient passing places. Sutton Stop itself was packed with moored boats so passed through without stopping and turned right at the junction to head up the Coventry. Stopped for lunch and dog walking near bridge 14.

Turned onto the Ashby and had an uneventful run to just past Hinckley. The recent rain has been of benefit and progress was pretty good. Only met a handful of boats and am moored in a spot that I have used often in the past as there is good dog walking here.

My plan for tomorrow, which was to get up to the top end of the canal, might have to change as a problem has appeared that I need to try to resolve. It’s nothing too important really and wouldn’t in itself prevent me from boating, but I might need to stay in an accessible place for a short while. I have got a rough plan of what I’m doing but one of the things I love about the canals is that things can be left flexible and changes in plans are easy to accommodate. 

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