Monday, 29 June 2009

Braunston Historic Boat Rally

The weather turned bad on Friday afternoon but we wandered back in as I was keen to see the arrival of snb President which was due to arrive about 5.30. Saw Iain of nb Gosty Hill who was about but without a boat and had a good chat and introduced Lyra.

On Saturday morning we walked through the rally site which was much more crowded that the previous morning with boats moored 4, 5 and even 6 deep.

4 5 6We carried on past the rally site and up to the locks as I wanted to see horse boat Elland arriving. Spotted them coming through lock 4 and as I was unsure how Lyra would react meeting a horse moved across to the offside at lock 3 and watched them work through the lock from there.

Horse Boat EllandFollowed them down to  the bottom lock where Elland was to be met by a motor as it wouldn’t have been practical to try to get through the rally using horse power. Lyra met the horse but was a bit nervous of such a big animal. We got back to the marina and watched some of the procession before heading back along the towpath as it was getting towards lunchtime. Met Keith, one of the harbour masters at Brinklow Marina next to one of the bridges so stopped for a while, which also meant that I could have a brief chat with Sarah of nb Warrior who had hitched a lift on one of the boats (nb Victoria I think) which spent a while in the traffic jam. Went back to watch the afternoon procession at the marina entrance.

Sunday morning was much the same, but we headed in along the footpath on the offside where Lyra found somewhere where she could have a paddle in the canal.

Lyra paddling We watched the boats at the marina entrance again.

CactusCactus the 100th FMC motor boat

tug of war  Stour and Kangaroo had a tug of war outside the marina entrance

Manchuria  Manchuria, which would look right passing through Foxwood Lock 

On the way back to the boat we were called over to the Mill House for a beer by Derek & Sheila of nb Clarence fellow Brinklow moorers. For the afternoon we went to the turn to watch the boats turning.

Hadley & Cassiopeia Hadley and Cassiopeia

Nuneaton & Brighton Nuneaton and Brighton

Will be moving on shortly, not sure to where but need to put a bit of charge back into the batteries having been moored up for 4 days.

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