Wednesday, 3 June 2009


I was today, but more of that later.

It was hot last night so was difficult to get to sleep, so an early start didn’t happen. Left the basin about 10 and stopped almost immediately to fill the water tank. Good pressure from the tap, almost too good as the hose kept escaping from the filler and I hardly had time for a cup of coffee before it was time to move off. Met a few boats heading into the centre. My arrival at Sutton Stop coincided with lunch time so moored up.

Continued up the Coventry after lunch and hardly recognised Marston Junction as all the offside vegetation has been dramatically cut back since I was last there. The whole section to Nuneaton, which was where BW had got to last time I passed, has had the same treatment. It certainly improves navigation but looks a little barren at the moment. It should be really nice next year once the vegetation has re-established itself. Seeing this clearance and thinking about my last trip along this bit of the canal made me realise that I am following the route of Katy’s last trip, but in reverse. Decided not to follow it exactly, but moor at one of my favourite spots which is just before the Anchor at Hartshill. A favourite not just for a pleasant pub but also for the nice field that is good for dogs to have a run in when there aren’t any sheep around. Someone is already moored in “my” spot so I’m moored slightly further away. By the time I had got through all the dog walks, dog feeding etc I decided not to bother with going to the pub.

So to the con merchants. We got back from one of Lyra’s walks and there next to the boat was a poor little destitute duckling. It spent ages calling out for it’s family but was clearly either abandoned or an orphan. I’m not a great fan of feeding ducks, particularly as bread isn’t too good for them, but I made an exception for this poor little thing. No sooner had the first piece of bread landed in the water than the co-conspirator appeared. Yes, mum had been hiding out of sight behind the boat. they also refused to allow the moorhen which also turned up to share in their ill gotten gains. I managed to get a photo, so be warned if these two appear near you.

03062009349 They are still hanging around now at 10pm, evidently still considering me a soft touch.

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