Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Coventry …. Totally by choice

Monday 1st June

I didn’t get round to posting yesterday but we did get out on the boat again. A late start as seems to be becoming the norm found us turning left out of the marina and heading towards the north end of the Oxford Canal. Approaching All Oaks Wood I spotted boats and people that I know from the marina so had to stop and have a chat with Pip of nb Hetty Pegler and Audrone of nb Gleemaiden, who were pleased at how well Lyra has settled into being a boat dog. After a chat we headed onwards to Stretton Stop where we were fortunate to follow another boat through the swing bridge, we then moored for lunch and for me buy gas from Rose Narrowboats. I was pleasantly surprised that the RRP has come down a bit.

Once refreshed and resupplied it was only another short cruise to Sutton Stop where I had decided to head for as I wanted to introduce Lyra to going to the pub and couldn’t think of a better place to start than The Greyhound. Still being hot, a pint of mild was the order of the day. The visit was a success with Lyra settling down next to the table outside the pub and watching everything that was going on, it looks as if she will turn out to be a good pub dog. It was only a short visit and we returned to the boat to watch fall asleep in front of the TV.

Tuesday 2nd June

Managed to have what I now consider to be a lie in this morning, still being in bed at 7.30 and after the morning routines was ready to move off at about 10. Despite the late start the canal was deserted. Today’s mission was to actually do a reasonable amount of food shopping as the cupboards only contained puppy food. The most convenient location for this was the huge Tesco near to bridge 8. Since the shops and football stadium were built a lot of rings have been put in to provide moorings south of bridge 9 but these aren’t particularly convenient for the shops, there is some piling on the towpath side opposite the Tesco but the one time I tried to get into the side there I found the bottom, but that was only one spot and I can’t comment on the depth all along that section. My preferred mooring for the shop is the old wharf on the offside where there are a couple of old and well used rings, a pin is needed for one end of the boat but it considerably shortens the walk back to the boat with shopping.



The rest of the run down to Coventry Basin was uneventful as usual, but it did feel like a bit of a slog, the water level is down a bit and it’s not the deepest bit of canal at the best of times. The basin itself is busier than I have seen it before, but still with plenty of space. It’s not the ideal mooring in terms of dog walks, but the towpath isn’t far away and there’s a nice short route over the new footbridge. I like this section of the Coventry, I suppose it’s the closest thing to my home canal as I lived in Coventry for many years and crossed over bridge 4 every day during my 1st year at what was then the Poly (well every day during term time that I wasn’t too hung over). My real home canal would have been the Croydon but that disappeared long before I was around.

It’s seemed very quiet on the canals this week, I only passed about 6 boats yesterday, and just a single one this morning. Of course every one was at an inconvenient spot, bridges or between moored boats. Why does it always seem that you meet boats where passing is difficult?

I think I know where I am heading for tomorrow, and according to the weather forecast it’s going to be a bit cooler with a chance of rain. It’s been a bit too hot for me really so as long as the forecast is accurate I'll be happy.


Steve said...

Saw you flying out the marina!! Glad Lyra is a pub dog - you need a good one of them!
For your bear try these people:
I used them when a similar fate happened to mine - same place as well, and they restored Ted to well not as good as new, but sympathetically given his age, and he now looks great.

Andy said...

Thanks for the link, Steve. I'll have to get in touch with her soon.

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