Friday, 19 June 2009

The end of the line (almost)

Woke up this morning and decided that sorting problems out can wait and cruising is more important. Set off nice and early (for me) in pleasant weather and had a good run to Sutton Cheney where I tied up to the plastic as I had some rubbish to get rid of, it was about the right time for a coffee and there is a nice field that Lyra really enjoyed having a run in. Short stops like this seem to take at least an hour but Lyra usually seems to need a walk every couple of hours or so. Another couple of hours cruising  and we stopped for lunch at Congerstone. As it’s a nice quiet bit of towpath she could have a good run about with her favourite toy, a Kong Wubba. lyra at congerstoneAfter lunch we headed off to complete the last bit of the Ashby. As I used to moor on the Ashby I had come to think of the first 6 miles little more than the route to use when actually going somewhere, and tended not to use the rest much as it doesn’t go anywhere, but it really is a lovely canal.

I knew before I started that I wouldn’t get to the end of the canal this time as I received the latest copy of Spout just before coming out, but am really pleased that I couldn’t. Coming out of the tunnel, the signs start indicating that something is up.Canal closedAs you approach Bridge 61 it’s clear that it isn’t possible to get right to the end of the canal at the moment.bridge 61 viewIt’s taken a long time, and an Act of Parliament to get to this stage, but the work on restoring the link to the true end of the canal is underway. This stage is only putting in a stop lock, along with the much needed reprofiling of the winding hole. There is also a nature reserve going in that was a condition of the Act. I always liked the end of the canal and think that the nature reserve add to the area, but do look forward to the day that it’s no longer the end and I can cruise through Measham and onto Moira.overview of site A water point has been provided near to the temporary winding hole immediately after Bridge 61, and the rubbish skip is still next to the elsan disposal point which is accessible down the towpath despite the “Towpath Closed” signs. I assume the elsan disposal is in use, but didn’t feel inclined to look too closely. The Ashby Canal Association stall is operational as normal but relocated to just south of Bridge 61 where Terry & Linda are moored whilst the works are in progress.

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