Saturday, 6 June 2009

Home Again

A couple of uneventful days found us arriving back at Brinklow Marina yesterday afternoon. Lyra seems to now be really happy about boating and rushes to the back door as soon as I pick up her lifejacket, maybe she will learn that she should wait to put it on first. She then settles down and watches whatever is going on around her. She is a very calm dog and doesn’t reply when other dogs talk to her as she passes, in fact she hardly barks at all which surprised me as she had spent a lot of time in kennels.

We moored at Sutton Stop again on Thursday which was a good place to see how well she would behave if allowed to lie on the towpath with people passing. This was successful with her staying still and just looking. She even just looked at the cat that was on the next boat along.

04062009357 Yesterday was just a quick trip back to the marina. Lyra was really happy to be back at her field.

Lyra has another appointment at the vets on Monday, which is why we have come home.


debbie said...

Hi Andy, after reading your post about Lyra being so well behaved, has convinced me that boating dogs are really content. Our Bobby is really good, and loves to just sit either on the back deck, or by the boat on the tow path, just watching the world go by. How lucky are we to have such well behaved pooches? Take care Debbie. Tickety boo.

Andy said...

Yes, lucky is the right word. Lyra does have her lunatic momemts and isn't adverse to a bit of destruction, but she's still only a baby and I expect it.

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