Monday, 29 June 2009

Oxford or Grand Union?

Not a question as to where to go next, I’ve made that decision, but a question as to how to refer to the section of canal between Braunston Turn and Napton Junction. In my Nicholson’s this is included in the sequence of pages on the GU but the bridge numbering follows the Oxford sequence. The canal was owned by the Oxford Canal Company but widened to be consistent with the Grand Union. From all this I would tend to think of it as being more Oxford than GU but then there is the matter of Napton Junction bridge being numbered 17, which would be consistent with staring numbering the bridges from the Stop House in Braunston, which suggests that it was intended for it to be part of the Grand Union. Not that it’s of any real importance, just one of those things that I start wondering about when steering the boat.

We did get moving eventually and headed along this section, stopping for a long break during the hottest part of the day shortly after bridge 102. It was just too hot for my comfort, so I began to worry how Lyra was coping although she didn’t seem to want to go inside for some shade. Managed to find a bit of bank that she was happy to use to get into the canal so she had a short swim, like Katy she seems to only like going into water if she can feel the bottom, but once in is happy to swim. Once it had cooled a bit, and the sun had moved round so that the boat would provide shade to the back deck we carried on to the bottom of Napton Locks. A short day again but I didn’t feel like doing the locks whilst it was still so hot. Hopefully we’ll make an early start tomorrow and get them done before it warms up too much.

Only a very poor GPRS signal here, so I hope I can actually manage to post this. Even with images not displayed it’s taking an age to load any web page.

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