Thursday, 25 June 2009

Timing is everything

Left the mooring this morning to time my arrival at Braunston for about 10, as I thought that this would mean that boats that were only here overnight would have moved off but spaces not filled with new arrivals. Mooring spots got increasingly crowded as I approached the village and I began to wonder whether my timing was out and I’d be carrying on through the village and out towards Napton. But just as I approached a boat moored near bridge 89 they started to untie their lines so I hovered until they left. This was a spot that I had in mind as it’s only just outside the village but should still be relatively quiet, and there are a variety of routes to take Lyra for her walks. The view is nice with the old mill and church up on the hill, the bridge ahead and the farm in the middle.

IMG_8468  As I don’t often moor using pins, I dithered around at the boat for a while to make sure that my placement would cope with passing boats. I’m now a fan of using a spring along with the normal couple of mooring lines. I was treated to my own private boat show as various working boats made their way to their moorings.

After lunch we went for a wander up to the church and then back down to the canal and along to the locks. After walking up to the top lock we had a pause for a quick drink at the Admiral Nelson, a pint of Spitfire for me and the water that she had brought with her in her backpack for Lyra, who was very interested in the turbulent water when the lock was emptied. Her backpack did get quite a few comments during the walk. We then returned to the boat, pausing for another drink for Lyra at the water point as she spilt most of the one she had at the pub. There are loads of working boats here already and nowhere free to moor in the village so I’m lucky to have found my spot. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for the weekend, the forecast doesn't look too good at the moment but hopefully all the rain will get used up on Wimbledon & Glastonbury.



Lyra has also found something to bark at, apart from a couple of nights when she’s had a “I’m a big dog and protecting my owner but I’m actually quite scared” bark, she doesn’t make any noise at all but she decided that the canoeist who came past earlier needed to be shouted at.

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