Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Where was I?

Well, I suppose I could blame being out in the middle of nowhere with no signal for the lack of posts for a few days, or I could just be honest and admit that I didn’t get round to it.

The weekend was rather disrupted by little cars going round in circles at high speed. After a bad nights sleep I woke late on Saturday and so only did a couple of hours before mooring at Market Bosworth to watch the qualifying session. Moved on afterwards to moor for the night near to Dadlington. By the time I woke on Sunday there wasn’t really enough time to justify moving, so stayed put to watch the GP. I’m fairly pleased with the result as it hopefully shows that there will be more competition, but am disappointed that they still haven't managed to work out how to introduce some overtaking on the track. I was in a nice spot and do tend to avoid weekend boating anyway. Despite the good weather it was still very quiet on the Ashby.

A reasonable start time on Monday got us off the Ashby, as I nosed out of the old stop lock, the third boat in the queue stopped and let me out, I assumed that they were off up the Ashby but it was just a bit of considerate boating. I would have preferred to be at the back of the the queue as I would then be free to find my own pace. Turned onto the Oxford and decided to carry on for a while, but at bridge 4 Lyra started to get restless so stopped soon after on the straight before bridge 5. I wouldn’t have chosen it as a mooring spot normally but it proved to be a pretty nice spot and the motorway wasn’t that intrusive.

Tuesday was just a short run back to Brinklow Marina as there were things that I needed to do which were easier by car. It also meant that Lyra could meet Fletcher & Floyd before they head off for the summer.

Woke early this morning, well more ended the falling asleep in front of the TV episode, and spent a long time wondering whether or not to come out again. Boating won out in the end and we headed off up the Oxford again. Stopped in Rugby as I needed to do some shopping as I had no food. The moorings were unusually quiet. I also wanted to get something to try to address the problem of the boat getting hot in the summer. I had looked into the reflective sunscreens that are available for cars, but the price and the lack of important details like size on a certain car spares company’s website put me off that idea. I then remembered about the stuff used behind radiators in land boxes and thought that that would do the job. So I dropped into the DIY shop and got a roll of the stuff. It is about the right size for the windows and seems to work. I’ll know more after living with it for a while as I only cut it to size this evening after stopping for the night between bridges 80 & 81. Lyra seems much happier with locks now, she stayed inside and just went and laid on her bed, so that seems to be how we’ll do it from now on.

This field of poppies near Hillmorton was wonderful, though the photo doesn't really do them justice.

DSCN1599 The plan for tomorrow is to find somewhere to moor in,or at least near, Braunston as I want to be around for the boat rally this weekend. It’s only about an hour away so I’ll have plenty of time to find somewhere. Then I’ll work out what to do until Saturday. I can’t remember how early I arrived last time I went back in 2005, so I’m hoping that there will still be space to moor.

It’s 2 months to the day since Lyra came to live with me. She has settled in completely and is a wonderful boat dog. She now gets impatient to go boating and when she’s ready will wait for me by the back doors.

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