Monday, 6 July 2009

Back at Brinklow

Made an early start yesterday as I was awake so early and had a pleasant run in the cool conditions meeting few boats on the way to Hillmorton locks. there was a boat just leaving the middle locks so opened the gates of the empty top lock and waited for it. Apart from that lock and a couple of boats following me, there was no one else about. After a coffee break below the locks we continued our journey home. There were more boats about by that time, but still much quieter that I would expect on a nice Sunday morning in July.

Stopped at the service point at the marina to empty the holding tank and refill with diesel. This was the first time since the introduction of the new rules. In the absence of monitoring equipment and an extensive series of tests, there is no way of determining what the fuel I use actually gets used for so am content to stick to the “default” declaration.

Now back on my home mooring so can catch up with chores. There are a few non boat related things to do before I can get out again. One of which is the Dogs Trust open day for the centre that Lyra came from next weekend. This isn’t actually at the centre so she won’t think that she’s being sent away again as did happen the first time she was rehomed. I wonder if her sister will be there.

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