Sunday, 19 July 2009

Boating again, heading towards somewhere

Spent several hours today pondering whether or not to come out again. The weather was changeable and according to the Met Office going to get worse. Sometime after lunch I decided that I might as well leave as otherwise I would probably have spent most of tomorrow trying to make the same decision. It was very windy and there were occasional heavy showers which probably was why it wasn’t excessively busy. Lyra really couldn’t decide where she wanted to be today and seemed to be constantly moving from the counter to my bed and back again. Only a short day today and have moored between bridges 13 and 11 on the Oxford. Stopping here was a good move as shortly after the promised heavy rain appeared. It has now cleared up and turned into a lovely evening, hopefully the weather will be better from now on. Tomorrow I should be turning right onto the Coventry, where I’m actually heading is still undecided as I think I need to be home at the end of the month which will limit how far I can go.

The Dogs Trust open day last weekend was good, Lyra enjoyed meeting so many new friends. Unfortunately her sister wasn’t there, I’m sure that she would like to see her again. Her visit to the vets was also a success, she has got up to the weight that the vet wanted her to be, we have to go back again in a month to see the vet rather than a nurse.

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