Saturday, 25 July 2009

Heading Home

No posts for a few days as the internet connection where I was was dire. It wasn’t that it was only a 2G signal, that isn’t too bad as I use Windows Live Writer to prepare posts offline, but for some reason it was unreliable and more often than not it would just give a blank page when trying to load a webpage.

Wednesday morning started well, with a good run through to Glascote locks. As I approached the locks a walked warned me that there was a delay due to a gate problem, and I arrived to find three boats waiting. I wandered up to the lock to find a BW team trying to find and remove whatever it was that was wedged between the cill and the gate. As they had been on their way to somewhere else when diverted to Glascote they weren’t really geared up to address this problem but had called out reinforcements.

DSCN1680 Not being able to do anything to speed the solution, I went back to the boat to give Lyra a walk whilst we waited. Pretty soon whatever was causing the problem was moved and boats started passing through the locks again. By the time I was through the bottom lock there was still a queue of 7 boats waiting to ascend but everyone seemed to be pretty relaxed about the delay. I stopped for lunch, and to decide where to go next, when we reached Fazeley. Heading south towards Curdworth locks won out and soon after I moored up just before the winding hole as I was unsure whether to carry on or turn back.

Not a lot of boating happened on Thursday. I had decided that there wasn’t any real point in ascending the locks this trip as I wouldn’t really have time to go and explore the BCN properly. So as the other boats that had been moored below the locks had moved off I winded and reversed to a better spot nearer the locks. The rest of Thursday was spent exploring Kingsbury Water Park, which deserves a post of it’s own.

I had thought about spending longer at Kingsbury but my fridge was playing up and had failed to keep food fresh so I needed to move yesterday. After a quick stop at Fazeley to resupply with food that doesn’t need to be kept cold, I turned back onto the Coventry and headed back through Glascote locks and on to my present mooring point near Pooley Country Park which is one of my favourite moorings as it’s nice and quiet and has good dog walks right outside the door.

I’m probably going to spend the whole weekend here as the traffic on the cut is much heavier as it’s the weekend, and I have plenty of time to cover the distance back to home.

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