Monday, 27 July 2009

Lyra tests her lifejacket

One of the first things I bought for the boat was a Baltic Pet Buoyancy Aid. In fact I think that I got it before I bought the boat. I decided it was necessary as Katy was afraid of water as she had fallen into a swimming pool when she was a very small puppy. She only needed it a couple of times but it became a signal to her that she was about to be a “floating dog” and she got really excited every time I put it on her.

Lyra has now inherited the lifejacket and is begining to learn that it means we are going boating. She enjoys swimming but only goes in if she can walk in and then start swimming, which is good as it means that she has no desire to leap off the boat into the canal.


Coming through one of the bridges after having come up Atherstone locks I heard a splash and realised that there wasn’t a little dog at my feet. I can only guess that there was something really exciting on the towpath and she slipped off. I looked back and saw an orange object in the water, GSD fur being quite good camouflage when in muddy water. I was sufficiently clear to be able to use reverse to stop the boat. Meanwhile Lyra had got to the side and was trying to climb out but the edge was too high for her to manage. She kept swimming along and trying again but eventually responded to my calls and swam across to the boat. The handle on the lifejacket makes it easy to lift a wet dog back onto the boat.

I removed the front end of the boat from the offside trees and set off again, luckily Lyra’s excursion had occurred at a time when there was no other traffic to be inconvenienced by me blocking the cut. I was worried that falling in might have scared her but she was happy to be out on the back with me and leaning over to see what was going on. In fact I thought that she was going to manage to fall in again when we were passing the fields outside Atherstone as she was so interested in all the rabbits.

Moored back near the Anchor again this evening, unfortunately there are sheep in the field which means that she can’t rush around it like a fool but the towpath should be fairly quiet so that’ll do instead.

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