Sunday, 5 July 2009

My dog is a wuss

Took Lyra for a walk up the flight on Friday morning. Seeing that all the locks would be in our favour I decided to make an early start. As we were getting back to the boat a boat passed us heading for the locks, so we ended up following it up. Very kindly they drew a paddle as they left each lock which made life so much easier for me. Lyra stays inside on her bed for locks but comes out once I open the back doors, but on seeing that there was light drizzle promptly turned round and went back to bed. It’s quite sensible of her to go in when it’s really hot so she has some shade but evidently she doesn’t like getting rained on either.

The summit pound, which had been very low when we came through before, had recovered to a good depth so had a good run across, stopping for breaks at Fenny Compton and Marston Doles.

Descended the Napton flight, in improving weather, with every lock against me except one where a boat had just left but which still needed me to stop and partly refill it due to leakage. I was intending to cruise on to the home side of Braunston, expecting there to be lots of traffic on the Napton to Braunston section on Saturday morning, but a shaded mooring below the locks was too good to miss, it having got hot again.

There was more traffic than I’ve been used to yesterday but it was not as busy as I was expecting. Found a convenient mooring in Braunston so stopped to do a bit of shopping. Found nb Gleemaiden moored and stopped for a chat, with Lyra getting a lot of fuss. I was moored too close to the A45 to consider staying where I was, so moved on, it started to get very busy as I approached the moorings near bridge 80 so decided to stop here.

Fell asleep before getting round to posting the last couple of days, but woke up ridiculously early this morning so have time to do it now.

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