Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rain stopped play

I had considered making an early start to get down the locks before they got busy. When I woke to the sound of rain hammering down on the roof I was really glad that I didn’t bother to set the alarm. It kept looking as if it might clear up, but all too soon the rain reappeared. The waiting about was pretty tedious but it did mean that I finally got around to paying a few cheques in at the bank. It did finally clear up, but that was accompanied by loads of boats appearing from somewhere. eventually there was no queue at the top lock so I untied and made my way to the locks. There was a boat just about to leave the lock so the start of the run at least was good. The rest of the first batch of 5 locks were either against me or with a boat just about to enter the lock so it was a slow run down.

As I was waiting for lock 5, Tony the lockkeeper arrived to tell boats heading up that locks 1 to 5 were closing at 1pm as a family of wasps had taken up residence on the towpath and needed to be evicted. It was short notice but I suppose that was due to the need to arrange the removal as soon as possible. As I headed towards 6 the heavens opened again and as there was a boat waiting for the lock I decided that stopping until the weather improved was in order.

Eventually a bit of blue sky appeared and as I had seen a boat was about to come up I headed off again. The run through the lower 6 locks was much better as I met a boat about to leave the upper lock of each pair, which meant that the lower one would be almost full. I saw a working boat approaching as I was passing the long tem moorings below the locks which turned out to be  Cassiopeia. I always look forward to seeing which interesting boats will be moored at, or in, Grendon Dock and I wasn’t disappointed today with Kangaroo and Kestrel together in the dock. I had wondered where the cabin that is on the side at Charity Dock came from and now know that it used to be attached to Kestrel.

I had planned to moor at one of my favourite spots this evening, but the weather scuppered that plan as the rain returned with a vengeance as I was passing through Polesworth. Unusually there was space on the moorings here so I hastily moored up and took shelter inside.

I wish this unusually hot and dry summer that we were promised would turn up, although, to look on the positive side of the weather we have been having, there is plenty of water in the canal at the moment.

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