Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Where are all the boats?

Here I am on the South Oxford in July in glorious weather and wondering this, I was expecting massive queues at all the locks and having rouble finding anywhere to moor. I had no trouble finding a place to moor below Napton locks, and could have had the pick of most of the moorings further back at the Bridge Inn as there was only 1 boat there. Met very few boats coming down the locks so had to turn virtually every one. There were plenty of spaces available at Fenny Compton, and would have been even more if people had shared rings and space for the night above Claydon locks. Arrived in Banbury this evening and dived onto the first space I saw, just after bridge 163, as Banbury is always packed. It’s actually a pretty good spot as it’s shaded and next to the park. Walked Lyra through the park and into the centre and found it totally deserted and it looks empty below the locks as well. It’s probably tempting fate to comment but I’m surprised at how quiet it is at the moment.

My cruising pattern seems to have changed due to the heat, we now make a fairly early start and then start looking for a nice shady spot about 11 and sit out the hottest part of the day before carrying on for a while. We also find somewhere for Lyra to cool down, yesterday it was one of the overspills so she was not only wet, but muddy as well. Today I managed to get her to have a swim in the canal.

DSCN1651 Yesterday ended up being a long day as I stopped to say hello to Iain and Alison of nb Gosty Hill which ended up being a long chat in their garden whilst Lyra made friends with Bosun. I also met another friend whish out with Lyra after mooring and so by the time I had done everything else it was just too late to get the computer out.

I think I will be turning round tomorrow and heading back towards Brinklow as I have things to do early next week, not that I’m too sure what day it is. I did remember that today was the 1st and that I needed to put my new licence in the holders, which was fortunate as BW were out checking as I left Claydon bottom lock.

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Andy Edwards said...

Hi Andy, haven't you picked a great week to go out! Glad to see you're enjoying the sunshine. Hope Lyra is coping with it all. See you when you ge back,

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