Thursday, 6 August 2009

And then it started to rain (again)

There was actually sunshine this morning when I took Lyra for her morning walk. When we got back we had a play on the grass next to the slipway and then she settled down with her toy.

06082009417 To see how she would behave without me giving her my full attention , hoping that she would be able to stay out with me rather than having to be lifted back onto the boat, I got on with stripping the paint off the tunnel bands which wasn’t too difficult as it virtually fell off in sheets. I thing the last coat they had had was done with minimal preparation, possibly just to tidy it up for sale.

06082009421Soon the boatyard was open and my blacking arrived, but I then realised that there was an important job to do before I could start. I had been a very bad person and had forgotten to feed Lyra. Normally she gets fed as soon as we come in from her first walk of the day, but she hadn’t come in this morning. It wasn’t too late and she enjoyed eating al fresco.

Blacking the hull is a tedious and messy job but by lunchtime I had worked my way round and everything was looking a lot better. I then set about rubbing down the tunnel bands and treating the rust patches. As I was about to give them a coat of primer it started to rain, so that was it for the day.


If the forecast as it now stands is anything like the truth, tomorrow looks as if it should be a good day for getting stuff done, and the weekend also looks as if it will be reasonable so there shouldn’t be a problem getting everything done before we get put back in the water.

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