Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ashby Canal Extension in water

Had a very pleasant run up to the terminus yesterday, pausing for a while at Market Bosworth so I could wander up to the shops in the village. Whilst moored a BW person walked past the boat, stopped and walked back a bit. My first thought was that he was licence checking and was about to comment on my now modified disc, but no, he was walking the towpath noting work that needs doing.

Paused again for a chat with one of the many ACA members who I met when I had my enforced stay at the top of the canal a while ago, and a look at his very nice boat that he’s almost finished fitting out.

Last time I was here the canal was blocked and the extension works were ongoing, but these are now in water, the enlarged winding hole making it possible even for me to perform a clean turn.

11082009507 It all still looks a little untidy but once the vegetation recovers it’ll be nice.

It used to be possible to walk the old line of the canal towards Measham but this isn’t possible at the moment. 12082009520 All the spoil from the excavation of the nature reserve has been piled on the old line, which wasn’t too much of a problem yesterday as it was dry and firm, but having crossed this the line is fenced off. The old line used to be owned by ACA, but under the extension order this has been compulsorily purchased by Leicestershire County Council and closed off as there is no Right of Way. The next stage of the restoration should start later in the year, further details are available in the Business Plan Summary (1MB pdf).

I have also been able to catch up wit Terry & Linda who look after the ACA shop here at the end and who were so supportive when I was stuck here with a failed engine in 2007, and meet their 2 new puppies and introduce Lyra. I’m moored where I was stuck, managing to tie up so the bit of piling that removed much of my old blacking can’t do the same to the new coat.


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