Thursday, 27 August 2009

Down (most of) Atherstone

Mush more pleasant weather today, almost summery at times. I actually remembered to check how much diesel I had left and found that it was getting a bit low so refuelled at Springwood Haven on my way past and then continued to Atherstone for lunch.

I was able to hover for a short while at the top lock until the ascending boat came out, and then could leave the gates for the boat waiting below when I was done. Didn’t meet another boat at any of the next four locks and they were all against me. I was hoping that Lock 6 would be similarly deserted as I want to have a go at using the only working side pond  on the flight, but would prefer to do it without an audience, but the gate was open for me with the crew of a hire boat waiting. Perhaps next time. Met boats at the next three locks, with the GUCC Royalty Class boat “George” being the most interesting.

Moored just below Lock 9 which is one of my usual spots. I’ve always liked this flight of locks and used to sometimes have a trip out just to do the flight. Part of the appeal is the way it starts in the town and with little warning emerges into the countryside.


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Steve said...

Hiya Andy, sounds like a great trip. I met George at Sutton Stop on Friday. I thought she was heading for Shackerston, but turned down the Oxford.

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