Sunday, 9 August 2009

Finishing Touches

I think I'm finished now. I don’t know quite how I’ve managed to fill the last couple of days as it has only really been doing the little detail parts of the job. I now have tunnel bands that look reasonable, though close inspection does show that I didn’t do nearly enough preparation. I left the blacking short so that I could apply the gloss and then overpaint with the last bit of black. This has proved to be a bit of a mistake as the paint has reacted a bit, I guess because the gloss hadn’t fully dried.

I’ve added a central hanger for the rear fenders which means that they no longer droop, so that’s a good improvement.


Keith of nb Hadar left a detailed comment about front fender hanging which made me rethink what I was planning. It has gone back on largely as was but rather than just a loop of chain, I have used a shackle around the T-stud which should reduce that possible sideways movement of the fender. I’ve also done away with the seized tensioners which were in the lower chains as there wasn’t any point in keeping them. The fender is mounted higher than it used to be and looks a lot better for it, it should also lift up if it ever gets caught up when descending a lock. I have weak links again now, but in the absence of thin cord I used cable ties.

I really should have remembered to jet wash the fenders when I had the opportunity, and I’m regretting not having sorted out some paint for the front end.


Much of the rest of the time was spent playing with Lyra, she liked being outside all day and having somewhere to run about just next to the boat, but she didn’t like the gravel path and jumps over it every time. We’ve also been working on a new work and so she now understands “heel” but prefers to be at my right heel. She’ll even walk to heel off the lead on the towpath, but finds ducks a temptation that is very hard to resist.09082009479

All that time out in the open and getting so many walks and plats does make for a tired little dog though, but I’m not sure why she found sleeping like that comfortable with so much grass available.


There was one other job that needed to be done today, but the details of that need to wait until a future post.

Back into the water tomorrow morning, and then the decision as to whether to turn left or right.

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