Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I hope that they do it sympathetically

We did end up turning round, below Hillmorton locks, this morning. We stopped to do some shopping at Tesco, plus some more important stuff that I needed to get for tomorrow. Lyra also now has a new tag with the boat’s new details on, I think that identifying which boat she belongs to is more important than having my postal address (although she has a second disc with that as required by law). We eventually passed the marina entrance at about 1.30, which kind of means that it took a full 24 hours to go and buy dog food.

Met loads of boats coming towards me, usually in little groups close together with huge gaps between the groups. I can’t really understand the attraction of following another boat only a couple of lengths in front, and if I do end up in a queue I tend to find somewhere to let following boats pass as soon as possible so that I can get back to cruising at my own pace.

After passing through Ansty, the weather looked as if it was going to break with those large drops of rain that tend to proceed a downpour. The sound of thunder suggested an early stop just as I reached the bit of piling that I moored at a while back so I decided to call it a day. In the end the rain didn’t appear. Lyra had a good play on the towpath but eventually we lost her ball as she had chewed too many holes in it and it sank when it bounced into the canal. Luckily she has plenty of other toys.


I got this stoppage email today:

“All Oaks Wood Bank

Monday 21 September 2009 - Tuesday 24 November 2009

All Oaks Wood Bank protection and towpath works – North Oxford Canal

From the 21st September the towpath and car park at All Oaks Wood will be closed to facilitate extensive bank protection and towpath repair works.  The works will last approximately 10 weeks with a towpath diversion in place, unfortunately there will be no alternative car parking available.  Navigation will not be affected by these works.”

It is definitely necessary as in places the towpath is nonexistent and walking down it can be interesting.

25082009588 Although I accept that something needs to be done, I like this section as it is at the moment and hope that the repair doesn’t spoil the character of this section of the canal, which is my favourite bit of the North Oxford. The overhanging trees (which aren’t all oaks) and the “natural” edge makes it such a pretty place. I like piling for the ease of mooring, but this is one place that I’d prefer not to see it.


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