Monday, 24 August 2009

Lyra needed dog food

As she was close to running out of food, we needed to get her some more so I had to decide whether to spend about 15 minutes in the car or an hour or so on the boat. I wanted to go boating anyway but in the opposite direction to Clifton Cruisers. Eventually going shopping by boat won as a pump out was also about due and heading towards the Coventry wouldn’t have been a good idea today as there was an emergency stoppage at Sutton Stop.

Lyra was really well behaved when I was getting her food. Heidi had come over to see her and although she really wanted to get off and play she stayed on the boat as she’d been told, even when I went indoors to pay. not getting off the boat unless she has her lead on was the first thing that I taught her as it means that when we’re moored she can be free to sit out in the well deck. It does mean that when she decides to get on someone else's boat, I can’t get her off until I put her lead on.

Didn’t get much further up the canal after buying her food, mooring just round the corner next to the old railway bridge across what is now a golf course, it’s nice and quiet here with a good wide towpath for Lyra to have a run. I think I’ll be turning below Hillmorton Locks tomorrow and heading back the other way, unless I change my mind and decide to head somewhere different.

24082009579 Stopping early also meant that I had time to do the overdue oil change on the boat, it always seems to take a lot longer to get to the engine than it does to actually change the oil. One day I’ll get round to rebuilding the engine room to make it easier to get to it.

Lyra had her first taste of Adult Arden Grange food this evening, in a mixture with some of her remaining puppy food, and by the way she devoured it I think that she likes it. When she first arrived she was a bit of a fussy eater so it is really pleasing to see how much she enjoys it now.

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