Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Slipped up

I’m now out of the water for a few days with the boat up on the slipway at Ashby Canal Centre. Getting here wasn’t the most pleasant boating ever due to the weather. I left Brinklow Marina yesterday morning with the prospect of the odd light shower  according to the Met Office, no mention in the forecast of the torrential downpour that I endured for a significant part of the journey to bridge 3 on the Ashby. The forecast for today looked better.

weather blog Having taken Lyra for a swim up the towpath this morning, I was sufficiently drenched to justify leaving in the rain which was supposed to stop soon after. No such luck, it continued until we arrived here and well into the afternoon.

Normally boats are brought out on Thursday mornings but as that wouldn’t be possible tomorrow I needed to be here for this afternoon and was dragged onto land about 4pm.

05082009400 This has the advantage that I could get on with pressure washing the hull so just as I had begun to dry out it was time to get soaked again to remove the accumulated weed and rust together with the odd mussel. I’ve got through this unpleasant task but as I’m now well ahead I will be able to have a good look tomorrow morning and see if I have missed bits. I should also have time to repaint he tunnel bands which desperately needs doing.

05082009409 My one worry about getting the boat onto the slip was how Lyra would react to being up in the air and having to be lifted off the boat. As expected she is pretty unimpressed with the concept but was happy enough sleeping inside whilst I was washing the hull off. She is a little scared with being carried but should get used to it. Finn, one of her best friends from Brinklow, is moored just up the canal so she had a really good ply this evening.


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