Friday, 25 September 2009

back in familiar territory

Stopped off at Peel’s Wharf to dispose of some rubbish, and more importantly the significant amount of recycling that has built up whilst I’ve been out. Once past the junction I was very much back on the water that I know best.

It took a while to get through the Glascote locks as there were a few boats already waiting and the locks aren’t the fastest in the world. The top gate of the top lock is also very difficult to close so I stopped to help close it for the boat about to descend before moving on a bit and stopping for lunch.

I intended getting a bit further along the canal, but as my normal spot at Pooley Fields was empty I decided to stop. Couldn’t get in to the edge due to the level being a bit low at the moment so am moored slightly further along.

It’s another GP this weekend so I might end up staying here, but it can get a bit busy at the weekend so maybe it will be better to move to somewhere quieter.

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