Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Back to Cheddleton

I was tempted to stay for another day in the basin as it is such a peaceful spot, but decided to start my return along the canal. Having ascended the lock I decided to hog it whilst I topped up my water tank, fairly confident that I wouldn’t be preventing anyone else from using it. I hadn’t used much water overnight but it seemed sensible to have as much clearance as possible.

PICT0065 I didn’t bother to visit the wharf arm through bridge 50 as it would have been difficult to reverse past the trip boat and there isn’t a lot of it.

DSCN1879 Pushed the boat through the tunnel from the well deck again as it seemed to work well coming through yesterday.

Met a few boats heading towards Froghall as I made my way back down the canal, having to reverse once to let a boat through one of the narrow sections. Approaching Oakmeadowford lock I was hailed from the towpath by the crew of a boat that having descended the lock had got stuck on the sandbank formed where the river and canal join. When I got there I tied the front of their boat to mine and the combination of full reverse from me and full power from the other boat soon shifted it.

Arrived at Cheddleton and realised that I had a potentially serious shortage of coffee, so set off with Lyra to find a shop. It’s not that far up the road from the flint mill, but the traffic seemed to be really rushing past, quite disconcerting really. I didn’t have time to have a look around the flint mill today, but will probably do so in the morning.

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