Thursday, 24 September 2009

The day started well…….

It was a lovely morning, it had been a bit overcast and chilly first thing for the last few days, but today it was warm and sunny. Being right next to the nature reserve meant that there was somewhere good to take Lyra for her morning walks, and tucked away behind the pool is this wonderful sculpture of a heron.

PICT0094 I was about ready to leave but I looked back along the canal and saw a working boat approaching the bottom lock, so had another coffee and waited for it to come up and pass me. It turned out to be nb Hadley.

Once she had continued on her way I left and that’s when it all started to go wrong. I have avoided ranting about the actions of other boaters on this blog as I’d rather not have the reminder of the less good parts of my trips when I look back, but today’s idiot needs a mention. I left my mooring and headed towards Junction Lock. There was a boat that had been using the water point and I could see him untying the boat, nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s the right thing to do as it would have meant that if I was planning to use the water point he could move off easily. He then got back onto the boat and seemed to be waiting for me to pass. Once I was virtually on top of him he decided to put his boat in gear and move into my path, without a single glance behind him. I had to put the boat in reverse at full revs to avoid a collision. Eventually he managed to get his boat alongside the lock mooring, but managed to be in a position that meant that there was no room for me to pull in behind him despite there being plenty of space for two boats, so I had to wait mid channel until the lock was prepared for him. He seemed to be totally oblivious to what he had done when I got to the lockside, I’m sure that he had no clue that I was there rather than wanting to beat me to the lock, and I couldn’t face having an argument so I just let them work the lock alone.

I wonder what the outcome would have been if he had tried the same thing in front of Hadley, with much more momentum, traditional engine controls and limited visibility over the bow of an unladen Large Woolwich.

Thankfully they headed on up the T&M so hopefully I won’t come across them again. I got through the lock and swing bridge and headed down the Coventry, deciding to stop fairly soon after. A play with Lyra meant things didn’t seem too bad.

The day improved after that, and I had a pleasant run and am now moored on the outskirts of Fazeley.

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