Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fradley again

Yesterday was another pretty short day. Not a lot happened except at Willington where there was much excitement, with a fuel boat breasted up doing trade and boats crossing between the visitor moorings and the water point. This all meant that I needed to try to keep my boat still in the middle of the cut in the stiff breeze that was blowing. Moored at Branston again as Lyra loves the pool so much.

it would have been wrong to have travelled through Burton without sampling it’s produce and as I am definitely in the “Hate It” camp an alternative had to be sought. This was found in the Bridge Inn in the form of a pint of Pedigree. It was so nice that it just had to be followed by another. This had it’s usual effect and I felt too sleepy to do anything once I got back to the boat. Lyra also seems to have great taste as she really enjoyed the small amount that she was allowed.

This morning the locks worked out pretty well, meeting boats at each one, and got to Alrewas, where there was plenty of space to moor,  in time for lunch. I was expecting to meet nb Hadar sometime today, and thought that it would possibly be at Alrewas, sure enough they were moored further into the village so we stopped for another chat. Lyra was intrigued by Marmite as she hasn’t met cats before.

I almost stayed where I was as it was trying to rain, but decided to press on. I got into Common Lock, but the bottom gates wouldn’t close behind me. Flushing water through wouldn’t dislodge the “something” so I moved the boat back and had a poke around the cill with my boathook. Whatever was there obliged by moving out of the way and I was soon on my way. There do seem to be more “somethings” lurking in the depths this year as I haven’t encountered any before but that is now 3 this year.

Tied up below Junction lock tonight. Had to pay a quick visit to the Swan, but haven’t fallen asleep yet. Should be back on much more familiar waters tomorrow.

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