Thursday, 17 September 2009

A short day

Lyra had another good play in the Trent this morning, it’s a lovely bit of river for her at Great Haywood as it’s quite shallow for much of it’s width and at the moment doesn’t have much of a current. She hasn’t quite worked out that if I throw a stick into the moving water it won’t be where it landed, so kept searching in the same area rather than looking downstream.

IMG_8977 When we passed the lock on the way back from her walk, there were a few boats waiting to drop down so there didn’t seem to be much point in leaving for a while. After doing very little for a while we had another walk and swim, and a chat with Jo on the way back, by which time the queue had cleared so we did finally get moving. Went straight into the lock, and by the time it was empty a boat had arrived to come up. As it is starting to get a bit chilly in the evenings I tied up just behind nb Hadar in order to buy some coal.

Once I had bought the coal, a boat was just coming down the lock so waited until it passed before leaving so I wouldn’t be taking their lock when we reached Colwich. A boat was going down as we arrived, and we both had to turn the lock as there was nothing waiting to ascend. As it had been a late start, it was lunchtime by the time I was out of the lock.

I didn’t feel like getting through Rugeley today so decided to head for Wolseley Bridge again as it’s a nice mooring and Lyra can have a swim in the river here as well. As I arrived I spotted nb Sanity moored, I had wondered whether I would pass her today. I almost moored next to Sanity, but the spot right at the end was free so I moored here again as it means that I don’t have to pass moored boats to take Lyra out.

Having been here for a while, I was outside when I saw nb President and Kildare approaching.

IMG_8981 Wondering where they were heading to, I checked the website to find that it’s the Huddlesford gathering this weekend. I was planning to turn back down the Coventry, but this weekend might not be the best time to try to get through so maybe I’ll head further along the T&M.

I dropped in on Bruce & Sheila this evening, leaving Lyra outside as she was still wet and muddy from her swim earlier. Has a nice chat, but after a while I did wonder what all the scratching noises outside were all about. Lyra had decided to remodel the towpath a bit, but the hole is filled in now.

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