Monday, 14 September 2009

Still on the Caldon

On Friday I moved back up to do the washing, and then took another trip up to Leek, where there were quite a few boats moored this time. Moved back to the junction in the hope of getting a reasonable TV signal for the weekend. Didn’t get one so moved back to Endon where I knew that I could get a reasonable signal. As usual I was disappointed at the amount of action that occurred on the circuit, maybe it will be better next year without refuelling.

Had a very pleasant run down the canal today, but did have to turn every single lock as I must have been following another boat. The two  manual lift bridges  were passed using ropes to move the boat through and I was again lucky with the automated bridge with willing assistants on a break.

Stopped for lunch in Hanley Park. I arrived at the staircase to find a boat waiting and one descending. Part of one of the paddle mechanisms had failed earlier so these boats had been delayed whilst BW removed the broken part and took it away for attention. Draining the top chamber with only one paddle took a while but I was in no hurry.

Now moored back at Etruria, so will be off this lovely canal and back on the T&M tomorrow.

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