Monday, 28 September 2009

Summer’s over

I did end up moving on Saturday morning as it would have been a very long day of doing very little if I hadn’t. Moored for the rest of the weekend just above Lock 10 of the Atherstone flight. As usual the race on Sunday was pretty unexciting, I’m beginning to wonder why I bother to arrange my weekends round the races.

Woke very  late this morning so by the time I had done the next 4 locks it was time to stop for lunch. This had the advantage that, as a boat came down whilst I was stopped, the last 5 locks were all in my favour. Continued for a while after getting to the top and am moored close to Nuneaton.

It felt a bit chilly as the sun set this evening so I have lit the fire, so I suppose that that means that summer is now officially over.

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