Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Through Stone

The first lock of the day was Aston Lock, where a new marina is in the process of being dug out, which was empty so I could go straight in. There is a box at the lock with leaflets about the town, which was a good sign as to how the canal is viewed.

DSCN1735Aston Lock 

The line of moored boats on the way into Stone started well before the formal visitor moorings but I was lucky as a boat was just pulling away as I approached. Took Lyra for a walk up the locks and I really liked this bit of the canal. The boatyard half way up the flight is really nice looking and I really should have remembered to take my camera with me*. Once back at the boat I left Lyra whilst I did a bit of shopping.

There had been little in the way of boat traffic when I was walking along the canal, so I didn’t expect to find so much of a queue when I got to the bottom lock, but I’m in no rush and its good to meet other boaters. I also took the opportunity to use the water point whilst waiting.

As the boat was coming up the top lock I gave Jo Lodge of nb Hadar a call to see if she and Keith were around a it’s good to be able to meet people whose lives you look into through their blog/facebook.  Hadar is currently back at her birthplace for some work before heading off for a winter of supplying coal on the GU Leicester section. Rather naughtily I tied the boat onto the end bollard of the lock landing whilst I had a pleasant chat with Jo and Keith, and Lyra had a good play, next to the lock.

Once on the move again I made my way up the next four locks. By this time it was late for me to still be moving and that ever present feature of this summer put in an appearance again. Not wanting to get totally soaked again I chose the first spot that I could get tied easily and called it a day. Not the greatest mooring as the railway is a bit close but I think I’ll be able to sleep though anything tonight.

* I need to remember to carry a camera as my N95 has curled it toes up, it has turned itself off and refuses to turn back on, not for the first time and it’s had to go back to Nokia once before. Luckily I have my trusty old 6310 to use, but it’s failing is probably also it’s strength – it’s just a phone rather than an all singing and dancing box of electronics.

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