Thursday, 15 October 2009

Not a lot to report

I did eventually get back from the last trip, it took a couple of days as it suddenly got very cold about an hour away from the marina so I decided to stop. It was pleasant but uneventful. Since then I was just at the marina which pleased Lyra as she could play with all her friends and have plenty of swims in her ponds.

On Tuesday I had to move the boat, a pump out was necessary which meant that I had to come out again. Stopped off at Sutton Stop on Tuesday and then went down the 5½ into Coventry yesterday. I do really like the trip down into the city, but it seems to be changing every time I go down there with another building having been demolished, or a new one having sprung up. As usual there was very little rubbish evident, possibly due to the City Council now using the work boat “Fazeley” in addition to the regular clean ups that the Coventry Canal Society do.

Had a friend, and one of her Shepherds, over to visit us in the basin, so Lyra and Ben had a good run on the towpath, although Lyra was a bit confused when Ben launched himself into the canal, it being too deep for her.

After two days of lovely boating weather, this morning was a bit of a disappointment as it was cold and drizzly, but it did seem to be clearing up. That was just to trick me and as soon as I cast off it started raining, lightly but persistently. Made a quick stop at Tesco, using the piling on the towpath side for a change. It seemed to be as good as the old wharf as it wasn’t much further to walk and it’s deep enough to get to the side easily.

Have moored just past the junction, still on the Coventry, so I’m not sure where I will be headed next. It’s very much dependant on the weather, but a trip up the Ashby may be in order. if I decide against that it’s not far to the winding hole to allow a return up the Oxford.

Took Lyra round to the wide grassy area on the Oxford side for her evening walk, to find Eric from the marina moored there. This meant that Lyra and Rocky could have a good run together and tire themselves out.

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