Thursday, 24 December 2009

8 Months

That’s not a prediction of how long I’ll be iced in.

Lyra came to live with me 8 months ago today, it’s a significant length of time as it means she has now lived with me for over half of her life. I knew from the moment I first saw her at the Dog’s Trust kennel that she was the right dog for me and she has lived up to my expectations.

DSCN1898As a present for today she got a new toy, which wasn’t over successful, the squeak was gone within five minutes, by the end of the first walk with it the ball part is virtually detached from the tail and the stitching between sections of the tail is giving way. She has always been quite rough with her toys and I wasn’t expecting this one to last too long but she picked it out at the shop so I got it for her.

The thaw didn’t materialise, Tuesday night was again very cold, –5 when I woke on Wednesday, which meant that new ice was firmly holding all the broken ice. It was thick enough that I was unable  to break the ice next to the boat. Last night was less cold but the canal is still impassable, but at least the boat rocks when I move about rather than being held solidly by the ice.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until I can move again.

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Derek & Sheila (nb Clarence) said...

Merry Christmas Andy.

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