Sunday, 27 December 2009

Escape from Napton

It’s not dropped below freezing for the past few days, but the ice was still thick around the boat. As most of Lyra’s walks were up the flight, it was clear that the ice was receding a bit as the clear water below each lock was slowly expanding.

It was still too thick for me to want to move today but as we made our way up the flight we met a couple setting locks for an ascending boat. They were not on their boat as they couldn’t get out of their marina up on the summit but were meeting friends on a hire boat that was making it’s way towards Napton. It took a while to appear, and was clearly not making easy progress, having to take run ups to break the ice, but eventually it did pass me, freeing me to follow up the flight.

Before starting I refilled the water tank as it was getting very low. My plan was then to do the first few locks and then visit the village shop for supplies. It all went well until I got to the shop to find that it had been open today as I thought, but had closed some 5 minutes before I got there. Not a huge problem really, lack of milk just means black coffee, I can survive without fresh fruit and I don’t really need wine.

Moved up through another couple of locks and am now moored below Adkins. Will check the weather guesses forecast in the morning, and have a walk up to the summit and then decide whether to carry on or retreat.

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