Thursday, 17 December 2009

Flying South for Winter

Well, not actually flying, that is a mode of transport that has become increasingly unpleasant over the years to the point that it would need to be something very special for me to consider subjecting myself to it. I am heading southwards though, but at the gentle pace of the canal. I’m not sure why, but I feel that another winter visit to Oxford is called for.

The weather this morning was quite pleasant, clear skies though a little chilly so leaving seemed like a good idea. By the time I had reached Brownsover I realised that it was more than just a little chilly but I needed to stop for provisions, and yet more toys for Lyra, so managed to thaw out a little. Moved on a little further to moor for the night below Hillmorton Locks. There have been a few flurries of snow but nothing significant. Lyra’s first reaction to falling snow was to disappear inside, but she was soon back out with me. She must have experienced snow earlier this year but I didn’t know her then so I’m wondering how she will react if her world does turn white. Hopefully the forecast of heavy snow is more than scaremongering.

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