Saturday, 19 December 2009

Icy weather

It was a very cold night, my outdoor temperature sensor was saying –9 when I got up, so I was glad that I had wrapped up warmly for the night. With the canal iced over completely I decided to put off moving until later in the day, in the hope that someone else would go through first as I don’t really want to remove all of the blacking I put on too soon.

Being in Braunston meant that it would be easy to go and spend money on things for the boat. I’ve been considering ways to distribute heat from the stove more evenly through the boat and noticed just how bad it was yesterday evening. I’ve seen Ecofans spinning away on boats but haven’t bought one before simply because my stove isn’t really suitable for one. Looking at them again I decided that I would probably get away with it.


Yes it does sit precariously over the edge, that’s the problem I knew I would have. I’ve got a safety wire to catch it when it inevitably falls off, and now there is another thing to remember to do before moving.

It’s only been there for a while but it does seem to be making a difference with the back end of the boat being warmer and the living room being more comfortable even with the fire lower than usual.

I could do with finding a way of making a platform for it to sit on so that it’s more stable, funnily enough a Sea Searcher magnet would be there right size and wouldn’t need to be attached to the stove, but I don’t know how a magnet would cope with high temperatures so haven’t risked it.

It wasn’t until mid afternoon that any boats came along the Oxford when a convoy of 3 arrived, the first pulling in at the first opportunity, with the following two doing the same. As this was behind me I was still surrounded by ice. It was getting dark when a boat did pass me, which was too late for me to consider moving.

The rest of the day was spent walking Lyra and being amused by the antics of the ducks on the ice.

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