Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Little progress

Sunday morning was again cold, but the Ecofan had lived up to it’s promise and had kept the back end of the boat at a much better temperature. I delayed moving again in the hope that someone would break the ice up and it wasn’t until 1.30 that anyone moved along the Oxford. There was time to move for a while and heating the water would be useful so I set off. By 3pm it was getting really cold so I moored just before Napton Junction.

After another really cold night the canal was completely frozen again, even in places that had been totally clear the previous day so moving didn’t seem to be a priority. Eventually a few boats did pass me and having realised that I was likely to run out of coal at the end of the week, when everywhere is likely to be closed, I considered making the epic voyage of about 100 yards to the marina. Just as I was about to get ready to move, Gosty Hill appeared, which meant that I could stock up with coal and not have to move.

Last night was much less cold than of late so the new ice was only very thin, and there had been a light dusting of snow. In the comparatively balmy conditions, it was actually above freezing, I set off again and moved on to the moorings below Napton Locks. A boat came down the locks, which meant that there would be a clear path, but, having walked up as far as the old arm, decided it wasn’t worth going up as the lock sides were so slippery and there’s no point in risking an accident.

The weather forecast I looked at earlier suggests that the thaw will come soon which will make boating easier.

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