Friday, 18 December 2009

A rude awakening

The weather forecast I saw before I went to bed promised snow showers through the night so I was hoping for some snow this morning as I went to sleep.

At about midnight, my smoke alarm decided that I should wake up again, which was a bit of a shock. Checking the stove, nothing seemed to be any different from normal,and there were no other possible sources of smoke. I am at a bit of a loss as to the reason for the alarm, the only thing I can think is that with the strong wind blowing across the cut, smoke was concentrated in the space between my boat and the hedge and then found it’s way in through the open window. All a bit frightening but I suppose it’s better to have a slightly overcautious alarm, and at least I know it will wake me.

I looked outside whilst I was awake and rather than snow, the sky was full of stars. It took a while to get back off to sleep, probably worrying about whether there really was a problem. I woke again at about 4 as the temperature inside the boat had dropped so much. A bit of extra insulation and I was soon off to sleep again.

There wasn’t any snow when I got up, but by the time I had had a coffee there had been a brief snow shower so there was a dusting for Lyra to play in. The skies were much clearer by the time I was ready to do the locks, so it appeared that the forecast of sunny periods would come true. By the time I was in the middle lock it was snowing pretty heavily.

18122009688With the locksides slippery due to the snow, extra care was needed when working the locks so stepping across an open lower gate wasn’t a good idea today.

Stopped to warm up at the top of the locks which meant Lyra could have a play in the snow. She does seem to like it.


It isn’t that often that it’s possible to cruise when it’s snowing so I made my way down to Braunston though further showers.

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