Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Slow boat to Braunston

An epic journey of 10 miles and 3 locks that I managed to make last for 3 days.

I had to move over to the pump out on Sunday, up until then the wind blowing across the marina put me off. Once suitably empty, I headed to the south end of Newbold tunnel for the night as I wanted to do some shopping on the way through Rugby which meant waiting until Monday. Shortly after dark Gosty Hill passed me and Ian stopped to see if I needed any coal. I have enough, and as they were trying to catch up as they have been delayed by engine trouble, I didn’t want to delay them.

It went a bit wrong when I was mooring up at Browsover on Monday morning as I didn’t spot the dog mess by the ring and got one of my ropes smeared in it, I wasn’t happy about that. One thing I needed to get was a replacement “Tuggy” for Lyra as her birthday present one was looking very tired. 3 months for a toy isn’t bad for her.  “Tuggy” is an outdoor toy so is only played with on walks, she had several rope toys for chewing when inside.

30112009668 Old & New

Then it was on to Clifton Cruisers to get Lyra some more Arden Grange food. By the time I had tied the boat, I had ordered and had delivered the food I wanted, so only had to go into pay. Lyra enjoyed meeting up with Ben & Heidi again, and behaved very well, staying onboard even though there were two big Shepherds there that she would have liked to play with. We then moved on to the top of Hillmorton Locks.

When my alarm went off this morning, I was very tempted to stay in bed as it was quite chilly. I hadn’t expected it to get quite so cold overnight. Waited a while for it to warm up slightly but was still ready for a stop by the time we got to bridge 80, where we happened on a boater and his Shepherd who we had met in the summer at Branston Water Park, so Lyra was happy.

Now moored on the outskirts of Braunston as I want to do a bit of shopping for boat bits tomorrow.

Will probably then head back to the marina again as I have a vague plan for a winter cruise but can’t do it just yet due to stoppages.

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