Thursday, 7 January 2010

Deserted village

After another very cold night, the ice has an even firmer grip on the boat.

Some time ago, idly looking at my Nicholson’s guide, I spotted the entry for Hampton Gay which is a deserted village near where I am moored. It looked interesting and I thought I would have a look if I had time whilst passing, not realising quite how much spare time I would end up with.

It isn’t far from the canal, in fact I can see the Manor from my front door,IMG_9392but the route to it from here is rather longer as the Cherwell is in the way. The footpath seems to have been rerouted since my guide was printed the railway is now crossed on a walkway alongside the river under the rail bridge.

The first building that you come to  is the church which is still in use.


The Manor House burnt down in 1887 and has been left as a ruin since then. It seems that there is a local legend that links the destruction of the manor house with the failure of the lord to provide assistance to the casualties of the rail crash some years earlier when carriages fell into the frozen canal.

IMG_9336 Down by the river, near the manor is what I believe is the remains of the water mill that once was part of the estate.

IMG_9360 More Pictures

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MortimerBones said...

its a myth. recent evidence suggests he DID help.

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