Thursday, 21 January 2010

Oxford……..At Last

The snow/rain turned out to be fairly heavy rain, which was strangely pleasing as it helped to melt the remaining ice.  For weather forecasts I am using Accuweather more than any other now as they do seem to get closest to what actually happens. A workboat had moved up to Thrupp from the south so the ice after Thrupp was all nicely broken, but there was still a lot along the moorings and out near where I was moored, but it was much thinner and I felt it wouldn’t be too bad to get through. Even so I decided to leave it another day as I didn’t see any point in getting drenched.

I ended up regretting my decision when I took Lyra for a walk down to Thrupp as I saw Dusty, the fuel boat, pointing back towards Oxford. I had run out of gas, and didn’t have a huge amount of coal or diesel so was hoping that he would come past me.

It was foggy this morning but I decided to leave anyway. The remaining ice wasn’t too bad to get through and I was soon on the service point. I have been quite frugal with water and it would have lasted a while longer, but it is good to have a full tank again. I also pumped out the holding tank, which was very close to being full.

There was quite a lot of broken ice still about until after the first lock, so most of the day has been in clear water. As I had hoped I did catch up with Dusty and was able to get gas and fill with diesel, but unfortunately all the coal he had was already spoken for. I have enough for a few days and know where I can get some more fairly easily so it’s not a huge problem.

So finally I have (almost) reached my destination. It’s taken me 5 weeks to get from Rugby to Oxford. I stopped a short way from the end at a place I have used before and will do the last mile or so in the morning and spend a bit of time in the city. After being stuck for so long it’s been great to be moving again.

Then it’ll be the trip back, which I hope won’t take as long as there is stuff I need to do when I get back.

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